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Submission Guidelines


Phantaxis Magazine and its staff are dedicated to serving our authors. The writer always comes first. If you have any questions regarding our editing process, contracts or guidelines, please don't hesitate to contact us at:


Short Stories & Novelettes
• Original, unique, thrilling and previously unpublished science fiction or fantasy short stories
• Any science fiction or fantasy theme, style or story type is acceptable!
Length: 1,000 to 15,000 words
Format: Do not insert short stories into the body of the e-mail; simply attach a plain text or .rtf or .doc/.docx file to the e-mail
• Profanity is acceptable as long as it serves a purpose
• We do not accept simultaneous submissions (works that have been submitted to other publications at the same time)
• We do not accept previously published works which include: print, eBook, audio book, published on a website or online publishing / writing service
• We do not accept serials, fan fiction or reprints
• We do not accept stories containing graphic sexual abuse or pornographic descriptions

No formatting requirements!
As a writer, your focus should be on the writing, not trying to please people like us by conforming to some misguided notion that your work must be formatted to some impossible layout.
This is not the 1970s, you are not using a typewriter, we are not formatting for an antiquated printing press.
Our editors can reformat your work to our needs in less than a minute, and if they can't, they probably work somewhere else.

Flash Fiction
• 100 to 500 word flash fiction
• Presented in an artistic graphic theme (.png or .jpg files only)
• All pieces must be presented in an artistic fashion.
• Authors must own the rights to, or have permission to use the associated artwork.
Please read our previously published flash fiction works to better acquaint yourself with our sought-after style.
For payment information, see PAY RATES below.

Science fiction or fantasy artwork
• Original or reprint digital artwork acceptable as long as you are the artist
• Artwork may also be hand drawn in any medium and scanned into digital format
• No sexually-oriented artwork
Size: 1,500 pixels minimum on the short side
• Limit file size of image to less than 10 mb
Format: Must be in PNG or JPG format
• We do not accept any images with watermarks


Two Options:
1 - Submission Form at top of our home page
2 - Email directly to
If using email, please include your legal name, proper mailing address and, optionally, your pseudonym (alias) and biography (100 words or less)
Short Stories
Submit your short story as an attachment to an email or by using our online submission form.
Submit your artwork in digital format as an attachment to an email or by using our online submission form.


Choose the name you would like us to use when we publish your artwork or short story. If you would also like to have your biography published, please include it with the submission. Limit your biography to 100 words or less. You may include links to your Twitter, facebook, blog, website, etc. Phantaxis magazine reserves the right to use your biography and an excerpt of your work for features on the associated issue on our website and digital or social media.


Short Stories
1 cent per word *** NEW - Increased from 1/2 cent per word ***
For example:
2,000 word short story will pay $20.00
5,000 word short story will pay $50.00
15,000 word short story will pay $150.00 (maximum payment)
* All payments made in Canadian dollars
* Word count calculated using Microsoft Word. Based on final edited product as it will appear in both print and eBook editions, excluding story title, header, footer, biography & author name.
Flash Fiction
$5.00 CAD per accepted flash fiction piece
Note that a single flash fiction piece may consist of more than a single image or page.
If submitting multiple images, please send by direct email with all applicable images attached.

$100 per accepted cover art
* Cover artist will receive 2 copies of the associated issue where the artwork appears
$20 per accepted internal artwork
* All payments made in Canadian dollars

There are no limits as to the number of submissions for short stories or artwork!
Artists: please feel free to email us your online gallery link(s) for consideration.


Author's personal information (name, email, alias or address) will not be shared with anyone outside our editorial staff, except in the following situations:
• if we are compelled by law
• if the author has instructed us to do so


We will keep all artist and writer information, but will only contact you in the event that we would like to commission more work from you or if we would like to use one of your already existing pieces. Writers will be contacted within 60 days of the submission date as to whether your work has been accepted or rejected for publishing.
We are always pleased to receive your new work, even if you have already submitted other stories or artwork.


Phantaxis magazine buys the First North American and International Serial Rights to the short stories selected. Artists and writers retain all rights to their work and may reprint elsewhere ninety (90) days after the publishing date of associated short story or artwork.


When you submit to Phantaxis magazine, you are verifying that you are the artist or writer of the submitted work and that you have read and understand the associated submission contract. We ask that Phantaxis magazine be credited as the first place of publication for any accepted short stories or previously unpublished artwork.