Phantaxis Magazine Issue 4

Issue #4
February 2017


THE OCEAN ABOVE HER  by Andrew Kozma
FALL’S FINAL BLOOM  by Matencera Wolf
FATHER ART  by Eric Zanne
FLY MAN  by K.I. Borrowman
DAWN PATROL  by Patrick Loveland
LONG IN THE DYING  by Tom Borthwick
THE RITUAL  by Eric Zanne
AUTOMATON  by Layla Cummins
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Phantaxis Magazine Issue 4


Matencera Wolf
Matencera Wolf was born 1991 in Australia. He started collecting all kinds of experiences from an early age, ranging from performing with fire to playing gratuitous amounts of video games.
He met his wife in 2012 when the world was supposed to end and has since been traveling the world while playing slightly fewer video games. Matencera Wolf has now lived for extended periods of time in Australia, Sweden, France and Japan, but can always be reached on Facebook at:

Eric Zanne
Eric Zanne had his nonfiction short story "Gallows Dust" published in Oct. 2016 ed of Under The Gum Tree and performed in APSU's Center of Excellence in Creative Arts Spring showcase 2015..

K.I. Borrowman
K.I. Borrowman’s short stories and poems have recently been published in online and print magazines including Blood Moon Rising, Isotropic Fiction, Aphelion, Devolution Z, and Phantaxis, and in anthologies by Zharmae Publishing Press and Pole to Pole Publishing.
Please see her author website,, for her complete portfolio and links.

Tom Borthwick
Tom Borthwick is a life-long Scranton resident, traveler, English teacher, adjunct professor, political blogger, and some-time political candidate.
He is a graduate of Marywood University with a BA in English and received both an MA and MFA in Creative Writing from Wilkes University.
His work has previously appeared in Perihelion, Theme of Absence, and alongside Hugo and Nebula Award-winning authors in the cyberpunk anthology, Altered States.

Layla Cummins
Layla Cummins’ short fiction, poetry and non-fiction have been published in The Saturday Evening Post, Grimdark Magazine, Crannóg, Sanitarium Magazine, Bugs: Tales That Slither Creep & Crawl, 100 Doors To Madness, GIVE: An Anthology of Anatomical Entries & more. She was a finalist in the 2014 Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award and lives in Bristol, England. Find her at @LaylaCummins

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